Sangha Lodge, The Bio Diversity lodge

Travel warnings are always going to be a problem for anyone working on conservation based tourism programs in Africa, and the well meaning warnings of governments worldwide are often exaggerated to cover any eventuality. Sadly the Central African Republic is no exception to this. The travel Warnings for this country are serious, and for the most part relevant. The country to the north and east of the Capital Bangui is lawless and politically unstable. Factions of the Seleka rebel movement still cause major issues in these regions. The South and west of the country however is different and there have never been any incidents of crime or violence against foreigners in this area, even during the height of the war. Dzanga Sangha is in the extreme South West of the country, isolated from the rest of the country by poor roads and huge distances. The distance from Dzanga Sangha to the trouble hotspots of the north and west is in the thousands of kms.... That is around 2800 kms to the east and 2500 kms to the north, so any chance of this violence reaching the south east is very slim. 

Recent visitors for R&R time to Sangha Lodge include Members of the American Embassy staff including the Ambassador, The German Ambassador, The French Ambassador, many members of different UN agencies and NGO’s including Unicef, the UN forces, Unesco, ICRC, and MSF. So while government websites blanket the country with a single travel warning, they allow their own staff to travel to this area in the south west. This area is safe! 

The trips are planned with charter flights in and out of Dzanga Sangha, this makes the journey even less of a challenge than in the past when visiting by road from Bangui was common. 

I hope this helps you understand more about the region, and the travel problems, and do hope that you can make it up here. Conservation in this area cannot survive without tourism and the area has so much to offer, THIS IS THE LAST FRONTIER, The last remaining totally unspoiled Africa and worth taking the time to visit.