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The latest sightings and happenings from Sangha Lodge camp and the Pangolin project

18/09/21: Reopening confirmed!

Sangha Lodge are pleased to confirm that the lodge will be reopening from the 28th of November, beginning with a 10 night set departure (Spaces still available).  Contact for more details.

This departure includes trekking to see western lowland gorillas, a day at the world famous Dzanga bai to see the largest gathering of forest elephants, walks and treks in the rainforest by day and night to see the vast array of wildlife in the area, as well as time with the Ba'aka tribes people.

A unique opportunity in this difficult year to see some of Africa's true wild spectacles.

15/09/21 A nighttime encounter

On a night walk close to the lodge, an encounter between an African Wood Owl and a Needle Clawed Galago, filmed with a thermal inager.

We use the imager to find nocturnal wildlife which we can then show to our guests. This technology offers a great way to expand the range of wildlife that can be seen at the lodge, and is vital to help increase our understanding of the environment in which we live and work.

08/07/21: Chimpanzees using tools

A short clip from one of our camera traps.

Not the best footage but it's always great to see chimpanzees on our concession.

Here you can just about see the use of grass stems to "fish" for driver ants 

05/06/21: In the night

While the lodge remains closed, the nocturnal animals that visit us remain active. Rod has been finding them with our thermal imaging camera, which makes these rarely seen animals much easier to find and show to oru guests

12/04/21: Allen's Swamp Monkey (Allenopithecus nigroviridis)

Following our camera trap pictures of this species several years ago, we were pleased to get this in the traps recently, some decent quality pictures of this unique monkey. Known prior to this by local hunters whose knowledge is immense, though often ignored by science,  ours are the first pictures

06/04/21:  Forest birds

Another video of bycatch from our camera trapping. This time some forest birds.

NB: First Guinea fowl are plumed not crested

31/03/21: Forest Elephant recognised as separate species

Last week the IUCN formally recognised African forest elephant as a separate species to their savannah relatives. Forest elephants (Loxodonta cyclotis)  are listed as critically endangered and savannah elephants (Loxodonta africana) as endangered.

The forests of Dzanga Sangha are arguably the best place in the world to view forest elephants and their protection is hugely important to us and to the wider world.

Photo: Jacha Potgieter

24/03/21: Squirrels, primates and other small mammals in camera traps

Some random rare footage of small mammals from a single camera trap set up at a know den of a Long-tailed Pangolin. Includes footage of the rarely filmed Central African Oyan

28/02/21: Changes to Reopening

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, the decision has been made to remian closed until September, our set departure dates have been amended to reflect this

01/01/21: De Brazza's monkey

A shy and rarely seen De Brazza's monkey came to visit

20/11/20: New Page - The Squirrels of Sangha Lodge

The forest around the lodge is home to many species of small mammal. Here we look at the 10 species of squirrel that occur around us

29/04/20: Sangha Pangolin Project

As part of the Leadership in Conservation in Africa talks the researchers from our pangolin project gave a talk on their work.