Sangha Lodge, The Bio Diversity lodge

Attractions and Activities

Sangha Lodge's situation on the bank of the Sangha River make it the perfect spot to relax and unwind.
Situated on the edge of the Dzanga Sangha reserve, we have easy access to all activities in the park, and these include some of the most Charismatic game viewing and gorilla tracking. No visit should miss going to the iconic Dzanga Bai, a unique forest clearing where anywhere between 40 and 150 Forest elephants can be gathered at any on time....This is also a a great place to see the elusive Bongo.

For people with wider interest than simply Charismatic mammals the forest hold one of the richest Bio Diversities in the world and there is never a dull moment.

Options include:

  1. Bird watching along our 3 km access road and along the series of forest trails which we have cut.
  2. Boat trips on the SANGHA and YOBE Rivers. We have introduced an evening sundowner cruise up river from the lodge taking you into the area of the hill where the river narrows considerably. Once there, the motor is turned off and we drift down slowly while drinking gin and tonics or beer as we watch the sunset over the forest.
  3. Spotlighting around the camp and from the boat to find some of the more unusual nocturnal species including 4 species of Galago, Potto, White-bellied Pangolin. Genet, Palm Civet, Brush-tailed Porcupine, Hammer-Bat and a number of owls.
  4. We also have a small project with the Ba'aka people where we go into the forest and spend the night with them in a forest camp. The dimension of music and dance that you experience here is something that few westerners will ever see. All monies from this activity go directly to the Ba'aka to help with education and health issues.
  5. Our own ongoing research and rehabilitation of pangolins is an interesting project, and offer visitors a chance to see wild Pangolins while they feed on ants in  the highest trees.
  6. Visits from local experts and conservationists when they are available can add a welcome dimension around the dinner table at night